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Created: Friday, 06 June 2014 Written by Saskia

It doesn't really matter if you run an estate agent or a hospitality business, you will need good photos to give a good impression of what you have to offer.

A picture can say more than a thousand words, so don't try to marginalize this subject. More and more website visitors tend to look at the pictures only if they search for a house or a holiday destination. If they don't like what they see they will leave your site. You only have a few seconds to convince them to click through, otherwise they will leave your site in search of a better place to spend their money. 

There are two question involved here: how to get good pictures (photo, video) and how to use them on your website? 


How to make a good picture?

I am not a photographer so I cannot give you professional tips on how to make a good picture. Of course you can ask a photographer to come, and that would most likely give you the best possible result, but that might be out of budget.

We asked Cath Wilson, a professional photographer, to give us some user and beginner advice to make a decent picture.

Cath: "Make sure you set up the scene for the picture like making sure the bin is out of sight, the table is set and everything is clean and tidy. If you are taking inside pictures you will need plenty of light so open all shutters and turn all the lights on, you may have to bring in extra lamps from other rooms to accomplish this. In this wonderful age of digital cameras, have a quick look at what you have shot and look for the details where you could improve then take another one. Only show the highlights of your property or gite, you don't need to photograph every inch of the place. For exterior shots. try and take your pictures at the beginning of the day or right at the end when the light is lovely and soft rather than the middle of the day when the sun can bleach everything out.


What to do with the pictures?

So now you have a good set of pictures to use on your site. How do you make a selection from these pictures? Probably it is best you ask your webdesigner, because he has "an eye" for it. If you want to make a first selection than you should look for sharpness and composition. We can always crop borders off to show the best part of the photo if there might be something on it you don't want.

Pictures shouldn't be too big, many multiple MB pictures (2 to 5 MB per picture) will slow down your website enormously. So you will need to crop them. Ask your webmaster how big the pictures may be for use on your site (he should give you an answer in pixels, for instance 900 by 600 pixels, or any other size). Than you should make sure you save them as a JPG file so they will be easy to upload and show on your site.

You can crop pictures for instance in Photoshop, but there are also easy to use online photo editing tools. Take a look at or for instance. You can upload your own picture, and edit as much or as little as you want. Main objective of cropping the picture should be to get the right size and the right part of the picture. So don't overdo it on other enhancements like saturation, lenses, vintage, classic etcetera!

Nice point of discussion: should you make a picture of the toilet? I think you shouldn't. If you have used good quality pictures, have thought about how a visitor will use your website, and have paid loads of attention to the website itself, then people will probably understand that there is a toilet, and that it will work and be clean as well. I always find picture of toilets kind of stupid and embarrassing. But I am open to other suggestions.


Aerial pictures: drones are hot!


click the image to watch the videos

Without a doubt you must have noticed the growing popularity in the use of aerial pictures made by drones. I must admit I love aerial pictures especially when you want to get a good idea of the layout of a campsite or hotel. But also in the estate agency business the use of drones to make pictures and videos has become increasingly popular and not without reason because these pictures give a good overview of the more complex (and often more expensive) properties, which is difficult to describe in words.

Making aerial video's is not (yet) something that is easily done yourself, because of the simple fact that most of us don't own a drone. A specialist job thus. Or invest in a good drone if you want to make this kind of pictures standard procedure on your site.

We are lucky enough to be able to offer you the services of one of our partners who have set up a special package for a first try at aerial pictures/videos.

For 5 aerial photographs the price is €199 HT however as each filming location is unique the cost depends upon several factors. After contacting our partner with the details ie. location, type of service and production needed. They will provide you with a quote within 24 hours during business days or the next business day. 

If you want to learn more about this subject please contact us, we are happy to advise further.

Just to show you how NOT to make pictures of a property (estate agents only...) I want to share this blog with you:

There are many more bad examples to find on the internet. But let's try to make good pictures from now on? Because bad pictures sell poorly, don't they?



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