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  January February March April May
N° Registrations 214 175 258  180 216
N° Registrations + Property Updates 132 (61,68%) 111 (63,43%) 142 (55,03%) 103 (72,23%) 130 (60,19%)


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Hosting packages

Studio la Brame manages its own server to make sure that it meets the highest standards in updates, security, speed and uptime. You can host your website with us and also register or transfer your domain name to us. The advantage of this being that you have all of your website "stuff" under one roof.

There are several packages available, depending on your demands. Please have a look at the below and drop us a line if you need more information. 






Extra Large

Hard disk space 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Traffic / month 5 GB 10 GB 50 GB 100 GB
MySQL 2012 1 1 2 5
Joomla CMS possible check check check check
Wordpress CMS possible check check check check
Drupal CMS possible check check check check
Email addresses 2 5 10 20
Size per email box 1 GB 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB
XML exports possible cross cross cross check
Cronjobs cross cross cross check
Back-ups Hebdomadaire Hebdomadaire Quotidien Quotidien
Support Lundi - Vendredi 9-18 Lundi-Vendredi 9-18 Tous les Jours 9-18  Tous les jours 6-24 
Server updates check check check check
PHP 5 check check check check
Subdomains cross cross cross check
Price per year (ex. TVA)  € 120  € 180  € 240  € 480



Studio la Brame, your partner in web strategy, web design, web development and web marketing

We believe websites are a vital and crucial instrument for your business. No excuses. A website is a good beginning; a good web presence needs a bit more.

Studio la Brame is your partner in all your web development needs.
We offer strategic advice, custom developed websites, easy to install websites, training, hands-on digital assistance and hosting services.

How to develop your web presence highly depends on the available budget and time.
With a lot of money, you can buy anything but in our opinion a good web presence should also be available for smaller budgets. It is without any doubt that we @ Studio la Brame offer you the best possible service and you will be pleased with our high standards of quality and service, no matter what your budget is. 

All of our new developed sites are fully responsive by defaultand very often we will advice to develop more than one language. And also it is without a doubt that we can say that we use the highest technical standards available within any given budget.

Based in the South West of France, we specialize in working with clients from different international backgrounds. 
This means that either you are not originally from France but you would like to do business with an international web agency; and/or you focus on an international clientele from France. The clients we serve @ SLB are found in the fields of real estate, hospitality, tourism, insurance, maintenance, shop owners, etc.

Our international experience qualifies us to help you develop your local French business with your international clients. We speak French, Dutch, German and of course, English

We @ Studio la Brame want to be more than just a simple website builder, we want to be part of your web team and be a source of inspiration for you and your team. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We are happy to help you grow your business.


What do we have to offer?

In developing your web presence there are different issues that needs some or more attention:

  • an idea of where you are going and how to develop your business with the help of your website (= strategy),
  • a translation of your idea in a website that should be representative of your company and your goals (= design),
  • the technical standards to work on different devices and different surroundings (= development),
  • a plan in which you address the use of tools that will help your company (= marketing),
  • the skills to handle all or part of your web presence yourself (= training),
  • the place where your website is installed (= hosting & domain names).

We @ SLB can help you deal with all or some of the above issues that are involved in the development of your web presence. We have created 6 products that cover all of these issues. Please have look at them below.

Contact us if you want to discuss your questions with us. No matter if you are a small entrepeneur just arriving in France, or a well established business with more complex challenges to address.